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  1. All About MPEG Streamclip: Compressing and Exporting Videos
  2. Part 1: Functional Video Converter - MPEG Streamclip Mac
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MPEG Streamclip or just Streamclip is a program designed for Mac or Windows that allows the user to quickly clip various types of video formats, cut, and convert the file into any other type of video format.

All About MPEG Streamclip: Compressing and Exporting Videos

This program is a useful tool for quick cuts and macro film cutting as well as URL video downloading and audio extraction. All this is combined into an easy-to-use alternative to iMovie, Final Cut, or QuickTime, which are very expensive. Download and Installing Streamclip. Mac Users. When the program is done downloading for a Mac, all one has to do is drag and drop the program into the Applications folder in your hard disk. Windows Users.

Part 1: Functional Video Converter - MPEG Streamclip Mac

When finished downloading in Windows the program will need to be decompressed before it can be used. Simply open the folder containing the program and click on the file labeled MPEG Streamclip, the file will automatically decompress and the. Below is the main screen in Streamclip that you will see once you open the program. Clipping and Exporting a Movie File.

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To use this function, first open a file see opening a file above. Next, you need to select which part of the video file you have opened you wish to export from Streamclip. Your In time will be where the clip you wish to export will start and your Out time will be where you wish the clip to end. To position the cursor for your In time you may simply drag the time cursor to anytime you wish to begin. If an exact time is desired click Edit and select Go to Time and enter the desired time.

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And then follow my guide to do the conversion. Choose a format you want you convert and set it as the output format. Click the green button you can set the output files on the popup sidebar.

You just need a few steps to finish the conversion job and its friendly operation interface is also one of the reasons I recommend Leawo Video Converter to you. Free download Leawo. Download Download. Hot Topic.

Hot products Prof. In this case, let us imagine it is Handel's Water Music — Suite 1 and you want to install this music onto your MP3 player because it is a premier edition.

Converting Video to Vodcasts

To do so, follow in the instructions below. However, a side note: Windows users might notice that the following screen-shots are from Mac, however because, the commands are interchangeable in both operating systems you need not worry. First, if you wish to obtain some video or music file, you simple click on Open URL with your mouse. After you click on the Open URL, you will be directed to another small screen that allows you to insert the link in question; in this case it is the Handel Water Music — Suite 1.

As you can see on the screen-show below, you have numerous options.

Part 1: Functional Video Converter - MPEG Streamclip Mac

It is possible to simply stream the file within MPEG Streamclip, or you can convert the file into another file format, or simply just download it. In addition, you should choose which format you wish to grab.

How To Trim & Cut Video Files ~ MPEG Streamclip Tutorial

Another essential and handy feature of Mpeg Streamclip is that you can use it to trim videos because the program functions like a multimedia player. You can simply navigate the player's control to the exact location of the video that you are editing or trimming. Once you have navigated within the file and have marked the segment, you can use the "Edit" button, and the press "Select In" or simply just press "i" on your keyboard to mark the appropriate segment. After doing this you can select "Edit" and "Select Out" or simply just press the letter "o" on your keyboard. After completing these steps select "Edit" and then "Trim" and then you can demarcate the segment you wish to extract or rather trim from the file.

This process can be repeated numerous times to obtain very particular segment. As can be seen on the photo above, it was trimmed from until So from the video file of the television show The Vikings, we have now trimmed it. As can be seen the file has been trimmed as desired, after this is done one simply pushes "File" then the "Save As" option.

Once you have completed your trimming of the file or you have marked the necessary trimming, you can simply press the "File" and "Save as" Option to save the particular file as a new MP4 file. This is a fast and efficient in way in exporting and trimming in comparison to other cumbersome programs. Fortunately, you will have not have saved the edited and trimmed segment from the original file.

MPEG StreamClip user reviews - VideoHelp

However, once this is done you can simply select "Edit" and then "Revert All Changes" and the original file appears in order for you to edit and trim other sections of the file. In addition to trimming it is also possible to save numerous saved video files and then arrange them together in any specific order you desire. Furthermore, if you want to capture single frames from files in order to create animated GIFS, it is also quite easy.

The particular frame below is from the same file as above. In order to select this particular frame or shot, simply press "File" and then "Export Frame". To create an animated gif, you can easily repeat the process. Open the file you wish to edit.