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  2. Can't Import Photos from iPhone to Mac after iOS 13/12 Update - Here's the Fix
  3. 3 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to USB Flash Drive
  4. Transfer photos from iphone or iPad using Image Capture

For Gmail users, your email will have thumbnails of the images at the bottom of your message.

Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto

Click it to download the photo. For Yahoo users, the attachment download option is at the top, just click Download All to save all attachments at one time. The images will be downloaded and stored in your Downloads Folder, which is located on the left side of your Windows Explorer. If you are running an older version of the Mac operating system may not have the new Photos app, but the older iPhoto instead.

Note that the steps are almost identical to import your iPhone or iPad photos to your Mac using iPhoto or the new Photos app. Once the process of transferring has been done, iPhoto will list all the Events and Photos on the screen in chronological order, you can easily find some photos to watch or move them to some folder of your Mac. With iPhoto, you only can transfer Camera Roll photos from iPhone to Mac, if you also want to transfer photos in other albums like Photo Stream, Photo Library, you can move to Solution 1.

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Step 1. To transfer pictures from iPhone to flash drive, connect your flash drive to your computer make sure that the flash drive has enough space for the photos you want to import. Select the photos you imported from iPhone to your PC. Right click and select Copy. Open your flash drive. Right-click on the white part of the window and select Paste to import all the photos you copied from your PC.

Can't Import Photos from iPhone to Mac after iOS 13/12 Update - Here's the Fix

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3 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to USB Flash Drive

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Start Download. After you have selected all the photos you need, you can hit the "Export" button on the top menu to bring out the path choosing dialog. Just choose a location on your Mac and the iPhone photos to Mac transfer will start off instantly.

Below is the simple steps for your reference:. Step 1. All photos taken with iPhone will be listed under "Camera Roll". Step 2. Click "Import All If you only need to import few files, you can click "Import Selected" button as you like. Just run Photos app on your Mac.

Step 4. If you only have few images need to be exported to Mac computer for sharing or backup, you can use the Email service on your iPhone. You only need to open the photo app on the device, and find the photos you want to send. Tap "Select" button on the top right corner and mark the pictures you wish to transfer. After that, you can click Share and choose Mail function to send the images to your desktop computer easily. However, using email to send photos have number limited, you only allowed to send up to 5 pictures in one email.

So if you have a large amount of photos should be transferred, this method could be time-consuming. And it is required the network situation is normal. Otherwise, you can't use the Mail service.

Transfer photos from iphone or iPad using Image Capture

You can also use AirDrop to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac. You can swipe up at the bottom of the iPhone screen to open the Control Center and open the AirDrop button. Then select the person you want to transfer the photo in "Contacts Only" or "Everyone".

Preview the photos in the thumbnail view, then click the "Select" button in the upper right corner to select the photos you want to send to your Mac the selected photo is displayed as a blue check mark. Step 5. On your Mac, accept the photos transferred and they will be saved to the Downloads folder on your Mac. It allows you to seamlessly import images from your iPhone to your Mac.

File upload will begin immediately. If you have a lot of media libraries, uploading takes a long time. Please note that not only photos but also videos will be transferred to iCloud.